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GameBanana/CEVO CS:GO Mapping Contest 2014

GameBanana/CEVO CS:GO Mapping Contest 2014
Jun 9 2014
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After the runaway success of last year's competition, we at GameBanana are proud to once again be teaming up with the e-sports industry to deliver brand new, high quality maps for the competitive Counter-Strike gaming scene. Not only are there fantastic cash prizes again, but this contest also allows level designers a unique opportunity for their work to be played and critiqued by some of the world's best players.
This 3 month competition will challenge level designers to create the next generation of balanced, strategic and fun maps for use in the competitive gaming industry.

Not only do we have a massive $1000 prize fund, with the winner taking away a cool $500, but this contest also gives mappers the unique opportunity to have some of the top players from all around the world use your map!

This is really a chance for mappers to show off their best work to the world! Two maps developed for last year's contest were even picked up by Valve and included officially as part of the Operation Bravo update!

> "We are extremely excited to announce our second CSGO competitive map making contest in conjunction with Partnering with GAMEBANANA is the perfect way to get in touch with the absolute best CSGO mappers in the world. Our previous joint contest in 2013 produced 76 amazing new maps, so we're extremely excited to see the submissions this year." said Chris Pipher, General Manager of the

Now if you're familiar with our monthly mapping or skinning competitions then pay attention as the rules are slightly different this time round!

Individuals or teams of individuals will have 3 months from today until Monday, June 9th, 2014 to create, test and upload their submission, to our specially created sub-section located here.

Submit your maps to: (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > CEVO Mapping Contest 2014)

After this date, each map will be reviewed by both CEVO and GAMEBANANA staff and the top 10 maps will be selected to proceed to the next stage. With the top three maps splitting the $1,000 cash prize, and winning map being used in the CEVO CS:GO Season 5 preseason!

In the next week, we will be putting out an additional news post with the specific criteria that maps will be judged on and further clarification regarding the second round of judging! So remember to subscribe to us for all the updates!

How to enter?

To register your interest, simply log in or create a GameBanana account (FREE), then click the "Enter Contest" button located just underneath the countdown box and prize list.

You then have until the deadline to create, test and submit your map!

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Read the full article at

Contest Prizes

1st Place: $500 cash + Your map used in the CEVO pre-season rotation.
2nd Place: $350 cash
3rd Place: $150 cash

Contest is Over

This contest has finished and the winners have been announced! View Winners

**Contest Rules**: The submission must be a playable map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Entries must be submitted to the category by the deadline.
Multiple entries are allowed, however quality is better than quantity.
Team based entries are allowed, however the entrants will have to agree how to split any prizes awarded.
It is essential to thoroughly test your submission before the deadline as entries cannot be modified during the judging phase, except for changes to the submission profile (changing descriptions, notes or screenshots).
The submission can use pre-existing concepts and assets but should be considered a new release made for this competition and must not have been previously available for public download.
All custom textures, models or code must be contained within the download file or embedded in the .bsp.
Authors are free to share their content on any other websites or services they wish, however the file must remain free to download and play, without requiring membership or payment.
If the submission is distributed on an external website or service, it must clearly state that the submission was created for the "GameBanana/CEVO mapping competition 2014".
Authors must be able to accept payment via paypal and will be required to fill in a prize claim form prior to payment.
Judges cannot enter or assist entrants.
Entries must clearly state which game mode the level is designed for.