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HL2DM COOP Mapping Contest!

HL2DM COOP Mapping Contest!
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Apr 8 2017
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Most coop maps follow a basic theme. Go from square 1 to rectangle B and kill some NPCs in the meanwhile - The end. This is what I don't want this competition to be about!
In order to freshen up the coop map scene, here's a mapping contest, free to join for all the mappers out there who know how to handle their hammers.

Try to be creative, think of new gameplay ideas, new environments. You could even go crazy and set the fog to start at -1000, all red, to simulate hell. The further you go from the 'standard', the better.


If you need any help, like getting models and textures or implementing your ideas, feel free to contact me on steam.

An example prefab coop map will be placed here later.


Here are some potential concepts you could expand upon:

1. You and your team are lost inside an under-sea base and have to find a way to the surface.
2. You find yourself stuck inside someone's dream sequence and have to survive this ever-changing environment.
3. You're in a desert and your health is ever-dropping except when you're near a water source. You have to dodge huge sandworms (ask me for .mdl ;)

Confirmed participants 0/5
- Type "I'm entering" in the comments here to enter.
- The contest will start some time after, if at all, we hit at least 5 contestants

Contest Prizes

(The 1st place gets to choose from the following. The 2nd place comes afterwards and so on):

- Steam gift - Grand Theft Auto V + $15 on Paypal
- Steam gift - Subnautica + $10 on Paypal
- Steam gift - Spintires + $5 on Paypal
- $5 on Paypal
- $5 on Paypal

Cash prizes will only be awarded if your map meets the theme ideas above and the rules.

Judging Process

Your competing map will be rated by:

- How well it follows the theme => being distinctive and original
- How pretty it looks (attention to detail, texturing, effects)
- Gameplay and overall feel

Contest is Over

This contest has finished and the winners have been announced! View Winners

**Contest Rules**: Some essential coop map recommendations (as seen in the example map)
- The map should end by itself (preferably via game_end entity)
- If you have respawning NPCs, it's better when players can't see them spawn or when there's some kind of effect 'explaing' their spawning
- Remember, your map will be played cooperatively by multiple players and should have a common goal to reach (whether it's solving puzzles, defeating enemies or other things)
- Your map doesn't have to be extra long, but should be at least 10 minutes of play time
- Your map needs to function with up to 20 players but should be able to be played with less. (Try to avoid small vents and corridors as players often get stuck there)
- You'll have 31 days to design and finalize your map. If you feel like this is too short, let me know and it shall be extended!