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Homemade Contest

Homemade Contest
Aug 29 2012
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Pretty much anything can be converted into a home-made weapon now a days. Whether they be crudely made gang weapons to "shank" prison inmates, converted ex-military weapons used by rebel fighters and insurgents, or simply a nerdy teenager preparing for the oncoming zombie apocalypse.
Gather up the nearest pointy/flammable/explosive thing -- grab yourself a roll of duct-tape and start fashioning your own DIY weapons!

Create a home-made/improvised weapon to replace any weapon, player model or item in any PC game.

Check out our image gallery for a whole load of home made / improvised / DIY weapons!

Contest Prizes

- 1st Place: $100 cash + Ripe1
- 2nd Place: $50 cash
- 3rd Place: $25 cash
- 4th Place: $10 cash

Contest is Over

This contest has finished and the winners have been announced! View Winners

**Contest Rules**: Entry must be a playable reskin, replacement or new item for any game.
Entry must be created for the contest (cannot be a previously available skin).
Entries must be submitted to GameBanana > Skins > Homemade Skinning Contest.
Entries can be team created but teams will have to decide how to split the prize.
Entries cannot be modified after the deadline except for changes to the submission profile (changing descriptions, notes or screenshots).
Judges cannot enter or assist entrants.