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Journey to the Center of the Earth Contest

Journey to the Center of the Earth Contest
CS 1.6
Feb 19 2015
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Ever since we started doing contests one thing has popped up time and time again - "We want a CS 1.6 contest!" - well today we give you that chance!

This website was founded over a decade ago as the go to place for Counter-Strike 1.6 mods and we've decided to return to our roots and launch a mapping contest dedicated to this legendary game!
You have 31 days to come up with a playable map for Counter-Strike 1.6 based around the theme of "The Center of the Earth" and upload it to the contest category.

Despite being over 15 years old, the original Counter-Strike is still played by thousands of people every day, we want to show to everyone that you don't need fancy modern graphics to make a great game!

Submissions can be for any game mode (official or custom), so here are a few ideas to get you going.

- Mad Terrorists threaten to destroy the world by setting of a nuke at the earths core!
- Scientists get sent down to explore the center of the earth but get captured and held hostage by someone - or some thing!
- After an apocalyptic event the remaining humans are now forced to live in giant underground cities away from the earths surface.

Our GameDev contest have proven so popular over the last few years that we have decided to launch 50 of them in 2015!

We want to cover as many areas of game development as possible and generate content for a whole variety of games both large and small. If you are a developer, publisher, or or otherwise related to the industry and want to inquire about our contest opportunities please contact [email protected].

Contest Prizes

- 1st Place: $200
- 2nd Place: $100
- 3rd Place: $50

Judging Process

As usual the submissions will be judged on the following categories.

1. Technical ability required to create the submission.
2. Use of custom content (textures / models / sounds etc).
3. Overall aesthetics, quality and completion of the map.

To qualify the maps must be uploaded to the following category GAMEBANANA > CS1.6 MAPPING CONTEST on or before the 19th of February 2015!

Contest is Over

This contest has finished and the winners have been announced! View Winners

**Contest Rules**: Submisssions muST BE A PLAYABLE level FOR **COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6**!
Entries must be submitted to the relevant category by the deadline.
Submitted content must be considered 'original', or have permission from the original artist or copyright holder if based on an existing concept/item.
The submission can use pre-existing assets such as existing models, textures or layouts, but enough work should be done to consider the submission a 'new release' made for this competition, simply re-uploading a previous piece of work will not count.
Multiple entries are allowed, however quality is better than quantity, and each entrant may only win a maximum of one (1) prize.
Team based entries are allowed, however the entrants will have to agree how to split any prizes awarded.
Entries cannot be modified after the deadline except for changes to the submission profile (changing descriptions, notes or screenshots).
Entries uploaded to external sites must state that it was created for the GameBanana Journy to the Center of the Earth - CS1.6 Mapping Contest.
Judges cannot enter or assist entrants.
**Upon entering the contest you agree on receiving your cash prize via Paypal or as the equivalent in Steam games.**