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Toy Time Contest

Toy Time Contest
Aug 27 2011
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Create a toy-themed skin and a toy-themed map for CS:S or TF2.
This contest requires 2 submissions - a skin AND a map, and they must be created and submitted by Studios.

Toy Theme Ideas...

- A plastic dart gun skin and a Lego land map
- A teddy bear grenade skin and a Monopoly board map
- Razer sharp playing cards skin and a giant playhouse or treehouse map
- A dice grenade launcher skin and a chain-reaction dominoes map
- A water pistol skin and a toy shop map

Contest is Over

This contest has finished and the winners have been announced! View Winners

**Contest Rules**: You cannot enter as an individual.
Your Studio must have at least 3 members.
You must create at least one skin and map for CS:S or TF2.
Entries must have a "toy theme".
Skins must be submitted to Skins > GameBanana > Toy Time Contest.
Maps must be submitted to Maps > GameBanana > Toy Time Contest.
Your Studio must decide how to split the prize.