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Tutorial Contest #1!

Apr 29 2013
Contest Over View Winners
With our L4D2 contest ending we are happy to bring you a whole new type of section specific contests, starting off with tutorials.

Create a tutorial related to any aspect of game design/modification.
A few months ago we asked you: What section you would most like to a see a main GameBanana contest for?. Over the following months each section will receive their own dedicated competition, however we thought the best place to start would be by sharing your existing knowledge!

We want you to create a tutorial (or set of tutorials) explaining any area of game design/customisation.

Since this covers a broad range of fields there will be three general categories as follows:

- Level design tutorials: (Mapping, Prefabs, Textures, Lighting, Gameplay etc.)
- 3D art tutorials: (Modelling, Animating, Skinning, Compiling, Rendering, etc.)
- Miscellaneous tutorials: (GFX, Sound design, Coding etc.)

One winner will be chosen from each category, the winners will each be rewarded with **$50, PLUS Dota 2 beta access, a unique profile medal and a certificate!**
All runners up will also receive a custom profile medal!

Contest Prizes

- 1st Place (Level Design): $50 + Dota 2 beta access, Medal and Certificate!
- 2nd Place (3D Art): $50 + Dota 2 beta access, Medal and Certificate!
- 3rd Place (Miscellaneous): $50 + Dota 2 beta access, Medal and Certificate!

Judging Process

Tutorials will be judged based on the following criteria:

- Overall quality.
- Creativity.
- Clarity (i.e. how easy/hard it is to follow the tutorial).
- Necessity (this one will be just a small factor).

Contest is Over

This contest has finished and the winners have been announced! View Winners

**Contest Rules**: Entries must not have been previously available to the public.
Entries can't be an exact recreation of an existing tutorial.
Entries must be written (or spoken) in English.
Multiple entries are allowed, however quality is better than quantity.
Entries must be submitted to Tutorials > GameBanana > Tutorials Contest.
Entries can be team created but teams will have to decide how to split the prize.
Entries cannot be modified after the deadline.
Entries outside the site (i.e. YouTube) must sate they were created for the GameBanana Tutorial competition and link to this page in the description.
Judges cannot enter or assist entrants.